May 5, 2015

Transformation Tuesday

You've read my story, and if you haven't here it is!

I started my journey one year and one day ago, with 21 Day Fix. And to say that my life changed in 21 days seems ludicrous, but it's the truth. I became a better version of me. A better mom, a better wife, a better woman. I was STRONGER, inside and out. My favorite part of my transformation is not my body, it's the look on my face from Day 1 to Day 21. See that smile? I hadn't seen that smile in a long time.

You see, when you start feeling good about yourself, you become... different. Not only could I feel my health from the inside, I felt it radiating outside. I was just NICE. Like a really nice lady. I was nicer to my children, husband, strangers, I was happy. I am happy. Health is a beautiful thing. Now, I get to coach other people to make the life change that I did! And when I get messages from the women I've met along my coaching journey telling me that they are so glad they've met me, I can't really describe how fulfilled that makes me. I am truly lucky to know each person that I coach.

Your transformation isn't just the outward appearance, it's way down deep in your soul.

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