May 14, 2015

21 Day Fix FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for those who already have their program!

If you do not have 21 Day Fix and are interested in joining a support group with me, I would love to help you! ----> CLICK HERE FOR MORE FIX INFO! Including where to buy and what to expect!

21 Day Fix is truly awesome. I cannot say enough good things about it! I've been doing Fix myself for about a year, and I still think the Meal Guide is the very best meal guide I've ever seen! I do get quite a few questions from my awesome challengers, and I want to answer each of those questions here, in one spot. Because who doesn't like convenience?!

You can get great tips for Autumn herself on her YouTube Channel!

The question I get most often is "Can I eat this?" I have to tell you, it's really so simple. There are lists of foods in your Fix booklet. If it's on the list, yes, if it's not on the list, no. In general, follow this guideline...

But please remember that this is a lifestyle, we cannot possibly include every single food that you see in the supermarket. Use this as a general guideline, but remember that there are always exceptions and please ask your coach if you think you've found one! Try to look at the properties of the food, how many carbs are in there? Protein? Fat? What are the ingredients? Polenta for example, it's not on the list, but you found a clean version and you know it's mostly corn meal and you eat it like bread. Corn and bread are yellow. So you can reasonably assume that it's a yellow. There are certain foods that are considered "clean" that aren't going to be "Fix Approved." Autumn has included only the foods that are optimal for results.if you're looking to lose weight like hardcore, my advice is to follow the list to a T. But if you're looking for freedom to fit this into your lifestyle, by all means!  

If there is a food that you want to try, that isn't included, by all means! But just know that if it's not in the book, it's technically not Fix Approved. I advise all my challengers to complete one full round to a T to see what the program is designed to do for your body. If you want to get creative after that, please do! Just know that if it's not in the book, it's not going to be one of those "optimal results" foods. Capiche?

Question: "Do I have to eat all these containers?" Answer: Yes, you do. Weight loss is a science. Think of it like baking a cake. If one ingredient is off, you use baking soda instead of baking powder, guess what, flat cake. For optimal results, follow the plan. Even if you think that it's too much food, follow the plan. If you are going to get tricky and modify your calorie bracket, my advice is to make it balanced. Don't skip all your greens and enjoy all your yellows. Don't we wish?

Question: How do I count containers when I am making a recipe family style? Answer.

Question: When do I step on the scale? Answer: Day 1 and Day 21. Please stay off the scale during your 21 Days.

For some of the answers, I'll link the video chat answer from Autumn and one of the 21 DF nutritionists, just click the answer button. Some of the videos have 3 or 4 questions on them, so just watch the full video, it's only a couple minutes, to get the answer you need.

Question: Safe for Breastfeeding? Answer.

Question: Can I eat PB2? Answer.

Question: Can I eat Quest Bars? Answer.

Question: What do I count Ezekiel Bread as? Answer.

Question: Can I have butter? Answer.

Question: I'm starving! Am I supposed to be STARVING?! Answer.

Question: Do I have to finish my meals? Answer.

Question: If I am really active, do I change my calorie bracket? Answer.

Question: What about salsa? Answer.

Question: What about Popcorn? You're going to LOVE this Answer.

Question: Are KIND Bars Fix Approved? Answer: Autumn counts the regular Kind bars as a blue and tsp since they are mostly nuts and honey. If there's an ingredient you don't recognize, skip that bar!

Question: WHY can't I have 8 ounces of unsweetened almond milk everyday!?!? Answer. Autumn actually made a verbal update to the meal plan. If you are using 8 ounces of unsweetened almond milk in your Shakeology, you can do that DAILY and NOT count it as a yellow. Hallelujah! Thank you, Autumn!

Question: What if I miss a workout, should I adjust my containers? Answer.

Question: Shakeology on 3 Day Fix? Answer.

Question: What are the extra workouts in the calendar? Answer: They are available in the Upgrade package, here ya go!

Question: How can I get more containers? Answer.

Question: Are my containers dishwasher safe? Your containers will melt if they get too hot. Are they water tight? NO!

Question: Can I purchase the bands that they use in the videos? Answer.

Question: Do I have to COOK every single meal? Answer: NO! There is so much versatility on this plan. This question has a lot of answers. Here's a great tip from Autumn!

Question: Are the food lists organized in any specific order? Answer, yes. The top 1/3 of each list contains to most nutrient dense foods that will give you the best results possible.

Question: I entered everything in My Fitness Pal and I was over my 1250 calories that I need. Help! Answer. Remember, 21 DF gives you a RANGE of calories. If your target is 1250, your range is 1200- 1499, as long as you are in that range, you are good to go! Don't do double the work with MFP, just use your containers, tally them up, and call it a day!

Question: Why are peanuts Blue and Orange? Answer.

Question: Do I measure my greens cooked or raw? Answer, it doesn't matter! Greens have so little calories, eat up.

Question: Do I measure my oatmeal cooked or raw? Answer, cooked.

Question: What is the difference between Fix and Fix Extreme? Answer.

Question: What is my Bonus Video and when do I use it? It's an extra fat burning workout! Use it in place of one of your cardio or Dirty 30 days.

Question: How often do I do 10 Min abs? Answer, you only want to work abs 3-4 days a week.

Find more live chats with Autumn right here!

And don't hesitate to contact me, or your coach, with any more questions! We LOVE to help!

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