April 25, 2015

Coach Mentorship

NEW COACH TRAINING! I'm looking for women who are ready for greatness! Ready to make a positive change in all areas of life, health, personal development, financial freedom, and ready for the most FULFILLING choice you'll ever make.

Coach Mentorship for Team BelieveFit starting soon! We'll teach you how the TOP COACHES have built success. The training is entirely online and your business can be entirely online too (mine is!). You work on your terms, whatever that may be! I was a stay at home mom of 3, and now I am a fitness entrepreneur.

The business isn't for people who are Qualified, it's for people who are COACHABLE. It's for people who are willing to let their faith be bigger than their fear and learn as they go!

If you:
-Know you were made for something greater than what you are doing
-Want to live your life by YOUR design
-Want independence and freedom financially
-Feel a calling to GIVE BACK and help others

Then this opportunity could really be for you.

If you're reading this, and you hear that little voice telling you to go for it, I want you on my team! Let's LOCK ARMS and get started!
Let your faith be bigger than your fears and do something you'll LOVE!

I'm accepting applications now for brand new Team BelieveFit coaches. I cannot wait to help you build your legacy! Something to leave for your kids!

You don't have to look like a fitness model, or even act like one, you DO have to have a HUGE HEART for people and KNOW that you are destined for more than where you are.

Apply here!

Tomorrow, you'll wish you had started yesterday, don't delay! It's YOUR TIME. Reach out if you have questions!
I am also hosting a 3 day SNEAK PEEK into coaching for those who are interested but want more details. Send me a message if interested and I'll add you to the group! Jalene.Cabrales@gmail.com

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