April 20, 2015

Working Out with Resistance Bands

I heart lifting!! In fact, no workout makes me feel more amazing, and strong, than lifting...you with me? Are you scared to lift or don't know how? Or maybe you are turned off by the expense of weights! Check out these 7 benefits for weightlifting using a resistance band!

1. You can start small. First, when you start lifting, whether you are using free weights or bands, you want to start small and then build up to heavier weights or bands. Don't start with a 30 pound resistance band just for the sake of wanting a heavy band or wanting to reduce future costs. One of the huge perks of resistance bands are their cost effectiveness. Start small enough where you don't hurt yourself but yet are struggling at the end of 10 reps, I recommend a 15 pound band.

2. You can use a resistance band to do a variety or workouts, don’t be boring! Throw in some resistance bands to change up a workout and add more challenge. You can add resistance bands to just about any workout that you already do, you do not have to learn a whole new routine. Use them to increase tension during bicep curls, add weight to squats, or even create resistance during pushups.

3. A huge benefit of bands versus weights is that bands do not require gravity to provide resistance, which makes them very versatile. Unlike free weights which only provide resistance when working against gravity on a vertical plane, resistance bands provide resistance during every move and any range of motion, not just when you are working against gravity.

4. Bands can be easily used on your own, no need for a spotter! You can use your bands in a variety of at-home workouts and get the same delicious muscle burn as you would on a heavy lifting machine or with a spotter at the gym.

5. You can’t cheat! You can easily cheat with a free weight, using the momentum of the weight to get that weight moving. When you are using the momentum of the weight, your muscle fibers are not activated. You can’t cheat with bands because the resistance comes from stretching the elastic material of the band, and not from the mass of the weight. The only way to continue the range of motion when lifting with a band is to activate the muscle fibers to stretch that band.

6. They are easily stored, and can easily travel with you!

7. Bands are really easy to adapt to increase the challenge! You can use two or three separate band weights (like a 15 pound band and a 30 pound band or a light, medium and heavy band) or you can use two bands together, or even “choke up” on the band to reduce the slack and increase resistance.

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