April 20, 2015

How to get fit?

A lot of people ask me what my secret is, how did I lose 25 pounds in less than 60 days and keep it off? I have to say, there really isn't a secret. No Magic. Just hard work and a clean diet. I do drink Shakeology daily as part of my diet, an intricate piece of my nutrition, because American foods just don't have the nutrition that we need. And Shakeology makes me feel like ten times the woman I am without Shakeology, which is probably how my body is MEANT to feel, I just wasn't getting the right stuff!

But the secret my friends, nutrition and exercise. You cannot take a pill to make you thin, and even if you did, would you be HEALTHY or just thin? Would that pill help you make it up the stairs without being winded? Or help you protect your child and run from danger? Nope. Because it would just be outside looks, not inside feel.

Hard Work. Clean Diet. And endless support from a friend/spouse/coach doesn't hurt either!

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