April 29, 2015

Relax in Under 5 Minutes

This week has been rough for me. Who am I kidding though, I'm a mom of three. The days are long but the years are short. So while I LOVE being "mommy" pretty much every week is a little rough.

There have been a few times when I wanted to just go hide for a little while to relax. Not advisable when you have a toddler. They get into things, and that relaxing moment you just felt is gone the instant Cheerios are spilled all over the kitchen. So, how to relax in 5 minutes without hiding from your toddler?

1. Chocolate. Yes, I said it. You love me right now, right? Go grab yourself some 80% Cacao Dark Chocolate for the times when you just need to take a bite. Real dark chocolate regulates cortisol (the so-called Stress Hormone). So not only do you get a much need bite of chocolate, it's working against that nasty cortisol.

2. Stretch & Breathe Take a moment and bust out some deep breathing and your favorite Yoga-inspired moves. Slow, deep breathes will lower your blood pressure and your heart rate (after the Cheerios have been dumped). Close your eyes, if you dare.

3. Go outside. Get some fresh air for just 5 minutes. Clear your head. Stop and smell the proverbial roses. Sunshine is scientifically proven to improve your mood, this is why Californians are so happy! The traffic is why we are so mad... it's really a catch 22.

4. Workout. Nothing gets out pent out aggression like a workout! Keep it simple, just a 5 minute circuit, or some TurboFire inspired jabs!

5. Eat, drink and be merry! Try to eat every 2-3 hours. Being hungry is just not conducive to relaxation. When you need a quick pick-me-up, grab one or more of these specific items:
Mango: Mangoes are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin B6, which improves cognitive function, attention span, and mood!
Green tea: Green tea is a source of L-Theanine which helps to calm you down and relieve anger.
Orange: Studies have found that the vitamin C helps reduce stress and return blood pressure and cortisol to normal levels after a stressful situation (i.e. Cheerios as mentioned above)
Apricots, even dried apricots: They are high magnesium, which is a stress reliever and a natural muscle relaxant (win-win).
Turkey: L-tryptophan is the amino acid that tells your brain to release serotonin, the feel-good brain chemical. We like serotonin.

Happy Relaxing! Two of my favorite words!

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