April 20, 2015

Workout Because you Love your Body, Not because you hate it.

I wanted to talk with you about working out. We all do it, we start a fitness program because we hate the way our bodies look and we want to see a change. But I challenge you to get out of that mindset. Yes, there may be parts of your body that you dislike, and want to change, and that's okay. But let's try to change to a more positive way of thinking! Workout because you LOVE your body. You want to keep it healthy, you want to take care of yourself, you want to be here, on this Earth, for a long time. We workout because we love ourselves and we want to take care of ourselves. That should really be the true meaning of your transformation. If you love your body enough to take care of it, you are going to start seeing those positive changes to the areas that you want to fix, those areas you hate. But don't workout for that goal; workout for your HEALTH. For your life. The rest will fall into place.

So remember to love your body enough to take care of it through fitness AND nutrition. Put good things into your body, exercise your body, good things will happen.

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