April 20, 2015

Non Scale Victories

Non- scale victories... While the scale may seem like it's the best measure of success, it's not! Gasp!!! Stay off the scale, I know, easier said than done. That sucker calls my name. Mostly because I want to make sure I'm in check, but I can see that in the mirror and in the way I feel!

Photos, inches, the way you feel, your stamina when working out, your food victories, no matter how insignificant they seem, adding heavier weights, shaving some time off your mile, these are non scale victories!

Here's mine for this month: I have successfully banished coffee mate for over a month! And I not only fit in, but I look great in my Hollister jeans. Growing up, they just never looked right on me, and it's been one of my goals... Must. Fit. Into. Hollister.

Stay off that scale! We are focusing on getting healthy, not getting skinny. Who wants to be skinny anyways?!

If you have experienced any of these, call this week a success! You are kickstarting your healthy lifestyle, and nothing can top that.

Eating smaller portions, and still feeling satisfied

Resisting junk food when out with friends. In fact, the strangest thing is going to happen, you’ll lose taste for junk. Your body knows what’s best for you. And the more you reach for healthy options, the more your body will prefer healthy foods. Your taste changes! Listen to your body and don’t eat chips for the sake of eating chips, your body doesn’t want them!

Able to do more reps! Start counting your reps so you know when you’re adding more, it’s an awesome feeling!

People are starting to see a difference and ask if you’re losing weight

Your pants are looser

Your rings are looser

You have more energy

It’s easier to walk up the stairs and play with your kids

You eat more veggies and drink more water

You’ve lost inches

You have more endurance and you feel healthier

You can lift heavier

So, have you had a Non-Scale Victory this week? Yes?! Then good news, you've had a successful week!

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