April 27, 2015

The Biggest Loser Lifestyle Transformation

One of my absolute favorite challenge groups are my Biggest Loser groups. I don't know if it's the amount of dedication that I see from challengers or the totally rewarding feeling that I get when people who really want to lose weight succeed at their goals, or just watching the complete lifestyle transformations take place, probably all of the above!

My goal is to show you how to make a significant change in your lifestyle to include weight loss and overall health changes. To teach you how to eat clean, prepare nutritious meals, and take these tips out of the group for the rest of your life. Lifestyle Transformation!

The Biggest Loser Group is a 30 day group segmented into four parts:
1. Diet Analysis- 2 days
2. 3 Day refresh- 3 days
3. 4 day clean eating prep course and meal plan
4. 21 Days of workouts in the 21 Day Fix portion of our group.

Weight loss average is 10-20 pounds!

Your 30 Day Transformation includes:

1. 3 day cleanse- (read my review here) This is a refreshing cleanse that is scientifically designed to help you fast-track your weight loss by detoxifying and cleansing your system, kick-start healthy eating, and get a clean break from bad nutrition habits.. In just 3 days you'll feel lighter and healthier, without starving. This is not a juice cleanse, you get to eat food!

2. 30 days of healthy eating fueled by a meal replacement shake of 70 superfoods- In 30 days, you'll feel like a whole new you. We will replace one meal each day to optimize weight loss, regulate blood sugar and cholesterol, fuel your body, repair muscles, provide pro/probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and improve your immune system and overall health.

3. Clean Eating Meal Guide, portion controlled and color coded containers, and recipes.

4. Diet analysis to give you recommendations that will improve your weight loss journey and overall health.

5. Eight 30 Minute workouts on DVD, plus 10 minute Ab workout (we use 21 Day Fix)

6. Online Coaching from me, your health and fitness coach

7. Accountability and Support group

8. Access to hundreds of recipes, fitness tools, message boards, additional workouts, and coaching through an online resource library.

9. $$$ prize for Biggest Loser! The prize money will be $50 payable in cash (paypal), gift card, or however you, the winner, prefers. Plus you'll have your weight loss and life transformation to show off! In addition, we will have other prize opportunities throughout the 30 days!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

To participate, you will need to purchase the 3 Day Cleanse, Healthy meal replacement shake, color coded portion control containers, eating guide, and workout DVDs. They are all available in one money saving bundle called the 21 Day Fix KICKSTART Challenge pack! Cost is $205 plus tax and $2 shipping. The Value of each product separately is over $280. You'll order here through the special bundle link that gives you the discount!

Beyond that, I will provide you with additional recipes, workout circuits, short video clips from celebrity fitness trainers, diet analysis and accountability group. I will coach you through these 30 days, every step of the way.

The best part about this (okay maybe not the best, but it's up there) is that it's all virtual! You will have access to the Facebook challenge group that I host. It is a group of people that are all doing the bootcamp together. We post each day when our workout is done, our meals are prepped, or for questions. I'll post all meal plans in the group but I will go over your personal nutrition via PM so that it is private. The group is there for questions, encouragement, support, recipes, and accountability. I'll virtually coach you through every step! Weigh ins will be in the beginning and end, I will ask that everyone include a photo of themselves on the scale with the number clearly visible. The winner will be determined based on the percentage of weight that has been lost.

**Cannot be working with another Beachbody coach. If you do not have a relationship with your coach, maybe you purchased a fitness program years ago but have lost touch, I can guide you through switching to my team.

Please fill out this application and I will contact you! And then scroll down for some awesome Before/After photos!

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